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SHELLEY, Heather Teacup & Saucer


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Pattern # 0187 Heather

Fine Bone china

Made in England

c. 1945 – 1966

English Registry #823343 – 1937 Design

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Teacup & Saucer

Shelley backstamp c. 1945-1966

English Registry #823343 – 1937 Design

In excellent vintage condition with no chips, cracks, repairs or crazing

Gold gilding on rim and handle of teacup is pristine

Imperfection in manufacturing does not detract from the beauty of this vintage piece

  •  One black freckle on saucer



In 1862, Joseph B. Shelley joined the Wileman family as a traveling salesman.  Henry Wileman died in 1864 and his two sons took over with Charles running the china works and James the earthenware works.  When Charles retired in 1870, James was the sole proprietor.  He made Joseph Shelley his partner for the china production and Wileman & Company was formed, using the backstamp, Foley.

In 1881, Joseph Shelley’s son Percy joined and he quickly set off to improve the appearance and quality of the wares by finding top pottery artists and litho designers.  In 1892, James Wileman retired when the earthenware factory closed.  In 1896, after the death of Joseph, Percy Shelley was in full control of the company.  Rowland Morris was employed as a ceramic designer and he designed the very popular, Dainty cup shape.  Around 1910, Percy wanted to register the “Foley” name as its trade name since the china was still marked Foley China.  He was involved in a legal battle with other potteries regarding the use of the name “Foley” (the pottery region).  It was ruled that he could not have exclusive claim to this name so Percy renamed his pottery “Shelley”.  From 1910 to 1916, the words “Late Foley” were placed over the shield bearing the Shelley name.  One advertisement advising the public of the changeover included the following: The world-wide reputation of “Foley” China has caused many cheap imitations and in future, to protect the public, the real and genuine “Foley” China will always be indelibly marked “Shelley” China, a trademark which is a guarantee of the highest excellence.  After over fifty years of being controlled by the Shelley family, Wileman & Company was officially registered in 1925 to bear the Shelley name and trademark.

In 1932, Percy Shelley retired and his three sons took over.  By the beginning of World War II, the Board of Trade required that the production of English domestic china be cut back but Shelley was allowed to continue producing due to its strong export business.  In the 1950’s, a great quantity of bone china in countless patterns were exported and domestic production resumed after wartime restrictions were lifted.  By the late 1950’s the pottery industry began modernizing and as a result, a larger volume of wares was being produced at cheaper prices with the consolidation of  small firms into larger ones.  In May 1965, Shelley Potteries Ltd changed their name to Shelley China Ltd. and in June 1966, Shelley China Ltd became part of Allied English Potteries (A.E.P.).  After fulfilling all outstanding orders, the production of Shelley ware stopped.

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