Welcome to Our World

” embracing Vintage together, from our hearts to yours! 

Hi everyone,

Welcome to embracing Vintage.

A love for things from yesteryears sprinkled with some fairy dust in the form of retirement, time and passion seem to be the perfect elements needed to embark on this new family business venture.

The family network includes my millennial daughter who works long hard hours but she takes pleasure in sipping tea from beautiful vintage teacups to relax and de-stress for the few moments she can spare. She, of course, can most definitely take credit for sparking the idea of creating embracing Vintage.

Then there is my sonshine, Mr. Generation Z, who attends university and is in the process of completing a business degree that will lead to his happily ever after successful future. He is my go-to guy, my sounding board, always patiently listening, interested in my ideas and giving his insight.

Standing next to me, there is my husband who provides personal tech-support and is the master photographer capturing the beauty of all these vintage treasures for your viewing and consideration. With him, embracing Vintage is not a dream but a reality!

Finally, there’s me, the momma bear of this FAMILY venture, who is in charge of adding new finds to our already growing collection and responding promptly to your inquiries. I am responsible for packaging items securely in NEW corrugated boxes and shipping them promptly so you can start enjoying your vintage pieces as quickly as possible.

If you are searching for a specific item to build a collection or trying to find a replacement piece for a beloved set, let me know and we will help you in your quest.

Together with my family, I would like to thank you for dropping in and sharing in our excitement.  Most of all, remember to subscribe to receive updates on new arrivals and promotions.

Bye for now!

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Much love,

Debbie & Family ♥